A brief history about why I started
Any special interest?

If you are interested in some specific painting you like, please
contact me, I will be pleased to give you all the information
about it.

I want that painting!!!

I didn't  build this web site to make money, however I cannot
keep all the paintings at home, so I am ready to sell you for
reasnoable prices the paintings you like.
What I do...

All the paintings are Oil on Canvas. They are framed with
good quality frames hand made with recovered frames of
the late 19th Century or first half of the 20th Century. Also
some canvas are hand made.
Stefano Aldrovandi Paintings
Stefano Aldrovandi Painting Web Site

Welcome to my painting web site?

In this first paragraph, I should introduce myself, my business,
my club, or my reason for building a Web site.

This Web Site has been created to share with my friends my
passion for art.

Who is visiting  knows me already as a friend, so I won't waste
your time explaining you who I am.

Just jump in and have a look to my paintings.
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